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Our selection of coffee for Christmas

Dear coffee lover, At 101CAFFE’ Singapore, we love Christmas< and find it an ideal occasion to offer gifts to the ones we love. We are happy to offer youan exclusive 10% discount on your next order for Christmas. We hope you will enjoy drinking our coffee with all your family and friends! For those who [...]

We are selling 6 different ESE44 coffee pods at 50%OFF!

7g of coffee in a 44mm diameter filter pod Easy Serving Espresso 44 pods (aka “Ese 44 pods”) are pre-dosed, pre-tamped coffee. Compressed in a 44mm diameter filter pod, you can find 7g of coffee in each pod (compared to capsules which contain between 5 and 7g of coffee). As a capsule, you just have […]

101CAFFE’ Singapore will be opening in Plaza Singapura in January 2020!

After opening its first shop in Asia in MyVillage in Serangoon garden almost 2 years ago, 101CAFFE’ is proud to announce the opening of its second store in Plaza Singapura in January 2020! The Plaza Singapura shop is the 113th shop opening in the world! 101CAFFE’ is the go-to store for all coffee lovers. Selling […]

Nocciolino coffee awarded best coffee of the year by Largo Consumo in Italy!

A very prestigious international competition that involves consumers! In June 2018, 101Caffé’s Nocciolino won the “Best Product of the Year 2018-2019” award in the coffee category, which is a very prestigious international competition. This competition is organised by Largo Consumo in Italy and is highly valuable because consumers are directly involved: they vote for one […]

Afternoon Snacks and Coffee: Italian Coffee Tart with Pistachio and Chocolate

Roasted pistachios, chocolate, and—of course—Italian coffee offer such a great flavour combination, and this coffee tart highlights each flavour to make them absolutely shine. This tart is made of shortcrust coffee pastry stuffed with pistachio cream, adorned with chocolate pearls and luscious coffee cream. These are all combined to create the most delicious coffee tart […]

5 Reasons Why Coffee is Heaven-sent

If you roll out of bed thinking about nothing but your coffee percolating and permeating your senses with its wondrous aroma, then this article is for you! Even if you are not a regular coffee drinker (how could you not love coffee?!), chances are you might hurry and hoard Nespresso capsules and Nespresso pods after […]

Surprising Coffee Twist: Coffee in Art

Ever splashed yourself with your java? Then you are very much aware (and probably annoyed) of the beverage’s staining ability. But where some see a ruined white shirt, others have found a canvas. Coffee is a favorite morning perk-me-up drink that a lot of people can’t do without. Can you imagine a world without your […]

Savoury Chicken and Coffee Recipes: Yay or Nay?

Coffee is one of the few beverages that work with almost anything. Coffee and a sandwich? Yes, please. Coffee and pastries? Sure, that sounds like a great afternoon snack. Coffee and chicken? That sounds yum, too! But coffee and chicken in one dish together? Hmmm… although it might sound like a pregnancy craving, chicken dishes […]

Espresso Macarons, Anyone?

Macarons, albeit decadently and classily delicious, is the ultimate diva of the pastry world. They are finicky to make, and one insignificant mistake of overbeating can cause your recipe to fail. This is something that takes practice and a lot of patience, but we have an easy and foolproof recipe, provided that you follow carefully […]

Vegan Coffee Ice Cream: How to Make

If you have been avoiding dairy, you are familiar with the pain of seeing a cup of delectable ice cream knowing that you’d want nothing to do with it—unless it’s vegan. However, it’s tough finding vegan ice cream in shops and supermarkets that are as creamy as you’d want. They have limited flavor offers, too. […]