101CAFFE' Rewards

Earn 1$ for every 10$ spent!

Earn $1 for every $10 spent!

Every $10 spent on 101CAFFE' gets you 1$ that you can redeem on your next order!

At 101CAFFE’, we take pride in rewarding our valued customers. If you haven’t yet heard about how our Loyalty Program works, it’s pretty simple! You will be credited 1 reward point (worth $1 OFF) for every $10 spent online. Your reward points can be redeemed immediately on your next online order within 2 months.

Here’s how you can earn $10 OFF your next coffee order!

Invite your fellow coffee buddies to stock up on their caffeine fix with your personalised link and enjoy a $10 COUPON (redeemable on next order) for each new friend who orders from us using your link!

  1. Log into your account on our website to view your personalised link!
  2. Forward your link to your fellow coffee buddies (think of those who are in dire need of a caffeine fix!)
  3. Enjoy $10 off on your next coffee order when your friend makes their first purchase from us using your link!

PERK: Your friends will earn 5 POINTS for FREE too, thanks to you!

Really, it’s as simple as that! Remember – the more coffee buddies you tag along in this deal, the more savings!

There’s no better time than now to spread the love for your favourite Italian coffee! Simply log into your 101CAFFE’ account on our website to start sharing around your personalised link now! In the meantime, you can check your current points balance to see how much you’ve accumulated over time!

We reserve the right to modify this loyalty program at any time.