101CAFFE' Rewards

Receive exclusive deals and benefits!

How to get points

Refer or Buy or Share

Refer a friend

After his first purchase, he gets 5 points 
and you get 10 points.

(Once sent, the referral link expires in 10 days and works for 1 purchase / referral only)


Every $10 spent on 101CAFFE’
gets you 1 point. 


Sharing a product page
through Facebook gets you 1 point
(One share / product)

Tiers & Benefits

Start to collect your points and win gifts.
1 point = S$1 off to use at the checkout.

Casual Drinker

10 points

  • Start redeeming your points.
  • Get Candy stick as a gift.

Coffee Lover

100 points

Coffee Addict

500 points

Reward points will expire 180 days after which they were earned.
No points will be earned for orders paid using coupons, products bought on sale and during redemption of points.

This loyalty program is valid till the 31st of December 2018. We reserve the right to modify this loyalty program at any time.

Our aim is to guide you through the maze of coffee products to select and experience your favourite blend.