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We have capsules that fit will fit either of the machines. You will need to choose the correct compatible product and it will fit into the right machine without any issues.

Our capsules do not present any risk to your machine or its warranty.

We carefully select independent and experienced artisans all over Italy who roast and blend coffee following traditional processes. In each cup of our coffee, you will discover the uniqueness of different Italian towns and cities. We will help you through our wide range of products to find the coffee that will truly be your favourite.

No, we are not parallel importers of the commercial brands. 101CAFFE’ has its own coffee roasters in different regions of Italy that help us to develop a wide range of premium coffee. This coffee is then ‘packaged’ to be compatible with the coffee machines of major brands.

A blend combines coffee from two, three and sometimes four different origins around the world. They are blended to balance the flavours for all parts of the palate. While standard coffees are made from blends, a good blend like 101CAFFE’s is specially designed so that the flavour stays true even after milk is added.

Single origin coffee is sourced from just one geographical region of a country and is usually consumed black to enjoy the individual characteristics of coffee from that particular area.

Our coffees are from all over the world. It could be a Single-Origin from Sumatra (Indonesia) or a premium blend of 100% Arabica from Central America or a full-bodied blend of Central American Arabica beans and African Robusta beans.

One thing all our coffee have in common is that they are all responsibly sourced from sustainable plantations.

Green (raw) coffee beans are roasted to produce the characteristic flavours of coffee. Our coffee is roasted by artisans all over Italy. Discover the uniqueness of different Italian towns and cities, where coffee roasters still follow the age-old recipes of roasting and blending to produce a true Italian coffee masterpiece.

In accordance to US standards, to label a coffee as “decaffeinated”, that coffee must have had its caffeine level reduced by no less than 97.5 percent. So how much caffeine is our decaf coffee? Our recipe has less than 0.1% caffeine.

Arabica and robusta coffee are two different species of coffee that have very different flavor profiles. Arabica beans are typically sweeter while robusta coffee beans are stronger and more acidic.

All capsules are pre-dosed and packed in a protective environment to keep the freshness intact until the drink reaches the cup.

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Orders will be delivered within 2 working days maximum. You will receive a call to arrange delivery at your convenient time of the day.

We do our best to pack and deliver your items safely and securely. We are very sorry that you received a damaged item, please notify us at info@101caffe.sg immediately for assistance.

We aim to provide you the best quality products. Let us know what your concern is by email to at info@101caffe.sg.

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The payment processors we work with are Stripe and PayPal

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