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Espresso Arabica Dark Chocolate - 100 g 58% with Probiotics


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Delicately roasted single origin Arabica Coffee beans of Flores Bajawa, engrossed with high cocoa solid 58% Dark Chocolate, and Postbiotic Lactobacillus that yield in delectable crunch with digestive health benefits.

The Espresso Arabica variant from D’Lanier, the World’s First Artisan Chocolate Pearls with Postbiotics, is a lovely companion for Coffee & Chocolate lovers.

D’Lanier chocolates are produced from premium and well fermented cocoa beans sourced directly from selected and exclusive private cocoa estates in Indonesia.

This single origin coffee: Flores (eastern Indonesia) Bajawa Arabica grown in altitude of 1,400-1,600m above sea level, this Arabica beans are known for their full body, nutty dark chocolate and natural caramel aroma.

Postbiotics are secondary metabolites produced by probiotics. They are advanced digestive health properties that mimic beneficial health effects of probiotics, without the need to administer live bacteria.

Arabica Beans, Postbiotics from dual Lactobacillus strains: L. acidophilus, and L. rhamnosus GG.

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