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100% Coffee

India - 500 g Coffee Beans


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5 in stock

Single-Origin 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

  • A full-bodied espresso
  • Medium level of caffeine
  • Not bitter and low in acidity
  • Earthy and flavourful

A full-bodied espresso that imbues earthy and flavourful notes

Looking for a full-bodied coffee that imbues earthy flavourful notes? Our medium-intensity India coffee is the one!

A heavy taste that’s not so overpowering but yet, flavourful!

Coffees beans from Asia are known for their full body and heavy taste, which results in its rich decisive flavour and slightly spicy notes

Carefully handled slow-roasting process

Our India coffee is a Pure Origin 100% Arabica coffee from Kerala, a state on the southern coast of India where the best quality of monsooned coffee comes from. Carefully selected coffee beans, and the excellent slow roasting process adopted by our Italian Master Roasters, give this Arabica its full body and decisive flavour with slightly spicy notes.

Ingredients: roasted coffee.

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