Coffee beans grinding service
at our store!

101CAFFE' is now providing coffee beans grinding service at $4 for every purchase of our 500g coffee beans at our myVillage store or through our website!

Coffee Grinding Service-2

You can choose to have your coffee beans grinded in any one of the following options:

If you are unsure about the different grind sizes, then check out our guide on coffee grind sizes! It tells you how you can identify the different grind sizes and why you should even care about it! Alternatively, you can always drop us a message with your questions or approach our friendly and knowledge coffee experts at our myVillage store if you are in the area.

Here are some frequently asked questions!

 1. Where is this coffee grinding service available?

Our coffee grinding service is available at myVillage and for online orders only.

 2. Where is this coffee grinding service available?

Please indicate in the order note that you want us to grind your beans. Please let us know whether you want it to be turkish, fine, medium-fine, medium, medium coarse or coarse grind.

 3. What are the differences between all the grind size options?

The different grind size options available are for different coffee brewers. For example, medium-fine grind option is for those who use a moka pot to brew their coffee. If you are unsure what grind size option to choose, feel free to check our guide or drop a call to our myVillage outlet at +65 6909 7709.