Say hello to 15 Dolce Gusto® new arrivals - coffee, gourmet drinks & tea!

Dolce Gusto® users, 101CAFFE’ is thrilled to announce that there are 15 new flavors added to our existing 35 choices! Giving you over 50 coffees, gourmet drinks and tea to pick from now! 

Among the 15 new arrivals, you will find some original flavors such as the unicorn latte and healthy drinks with ginseng, green tea, barley and more. 

From as low as $0.83 per capsule, our wide Dolce Gusto® selection is available online (don’t forget free delivery in Singapore above $70 or self pick-up at myVillage!) and in our 3 Singapore stores at Plaza Singapura, myVillage@Serangoon Gardens and Cluny Court. Fret not if you are overseas because we deliver to 13 neighbouring countries as well! 

See below a list of the new products now available online and in our stores.

Ginseng lovers here you go!

We know that many of you are into ginseng lately because of the health benefits. Feel free to read our previous blogpost on the benefits of ginseng in coffee.

Ginseng may be notorious for imparting a bitter taste but with Italian coffee, it is an enjoyable alternative to traditional espresso. Ginseng is a potent antioxidant, possessing many benefits! 

Matcha lovers, ever tried ginseng and matcha together? Another gourmet drink that makes ginseng taste so good is 101CAFFE’s Ginseng and Matcha coffee. A cup of this allows you to enjoy the health benefits of ginseng while still enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. 

Chai people, we heard you!

Chai Milky Black tea with Cardamom and Chinnamon

Drinking chai with milk and spices in the morning is an Indian Ayurvedic tradition. It warms up the body and helps you get ready for the day. The harmony of flavours is what makes one addicted to it!

Chai Karak Tea with Saffron

This traditional tea is from the Middle East, bringing to you both a sweet and spicy taste that is very much appreciated by those who love exotic flavours. Saffron in the tea not only keeps seasonal ailments like colds and fevers at bay but also helps with menstrual cramps.

Relax with our infusions

"No Stress" Herbal Tea Chamomile and Flowers Tea

The name of the tea says it all! This is the tea for you if you are feeling overwhelmed about work and assignments. The “No Stress” tea is made of a natural blend of flowers including Passionflower, chamomile, melissa and hawthorn flowers that provide calming and relaxing properties. Did we mention, its also sugar-free!

Organic Chamomile Tea

This Chamomile tea is unlike any other. Made from pure organic ground chamomile using its pollen and stems. It is the perfect drink to wind down in the evening. It also comes with many health benefits, some of which include helping with sleep, reducing menstrual pain, treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar. 

Zenzerina Infusion Lemon Ginger Tea

Zenzerina is perfect for any time of the day! The refreshing taste from the lemon, ginger and safflower will perk you up.

Infusion Orange et Cinnamon in Leaves

Made of a complete natural blend of leaves, mixed with a perfect balance of rosehip, apple, hibiscus, orange and elderberry, this is for the ones who love fruity teas! It is also sugar-free so you do not have to worry!

Green tea lovers this is our favourite

Green Tea with Mint Leaves

The classic green tea with a twist of mint. This sugar free drink is carefully selected and blended according to the traditional Moroccan recipe. Enjoy its numerous benefits with three to five cups per day, including increasing fat burning, and reducing your risk of several diseases.

Anyone into Plant-based milk here?

Soya Drink

High in protein, this healthy, plant-based drink is a great alternative to coffee or to add to your coffee or prepare cappuccinos. If you are lactose intolerant, drinking soy milk is a wise choice. 

Here is the best alternative to coffee

Mild Barley Drink

Caffeine-free, this mild barley drink is perfect anytime of the day. Roasted and dried, this woody, nutty flavour drink can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Enjoy it with a sweetener or lemon juice for a twist.

Everyone's favourite classic teas

Garam Masala Spicy Black Tea

This spicy black tea is made with a blend of natural spices that are used in many traditional Indian and Pakistani recipes. It is a great afternoon perk up for those who love oriental flavours, spicy drinks with a slight pungent touch of cayenne pepper.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is one of the most versatile teas! Drink it hot after your meals to relieve bloatedness or drink it cold to quench your thirst just like the popular Italian tradition. It is a tea that you can enjoy at any time of the day!

Last but not least, our Unicorn Latte is a must-try!!

Unicorn Hot Latte Drink

Don’t be surprised if your drink is blue, that’s the magic of it! The natural colour comes from spirulina alga and maca extract, both together offers a double advantage. Spirulina alga contains a powerful plant-based protein phycocyanin, with research showing anti-inflammatory effects. Maca extract is referred to as Peruvian ginseng from Peru, with benefits such as highly nutritious and improves mood. 

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