Celebrate Easter the Italian way!

In Italy, you know it’s almost Easter when each grocery store you visit is packed with all types of Italian Easter Dove Cake, also known as Colomba di Pasqua!

The Colomba di Pasqua dough is similar to a Panettone (also known as Christmas cake!). The only difference is that the Easter version contains candied peel whereas the Christmas one has raisins. The dough is shaped into a dove and topped off with pearl sugar and almonds before going into the oven. And…tada! The Colomba di Pasqua is served! If you have never tried one, this is the time to give it a try!

Photo by Eataly

Wanna know the origins of the Easter Dove Cake?

According to one legend, it was a day before Easter when Lombardin King Alboin captured the city of Pavia. He demanded city nobles to shower him gifts like gold, precious stones and 12 young girls.

Among the many gifts he received was a cake in the shape of a dove, soft and light with an enticingly delicate aroma. A delighted King Alboin asked the girls for the name of the cake, to which they responded “Colomba” (which also means dove in Italian).

Recognising the sweet cake as a symbol of peace, he decided to set all the girls free. Ever since that day, the dove has become a symbol of peace in Italy and has been a traditional treat to enjoy every Easter!

So let us celebrate Easter the Italian way and have a slice of the delicious Colomba di Pasqua! 101CAFFE’ is excited to share that we have 3 very special Easter cakes this year. They are available for purchase in our 3 stores at Cluny Court, myVillage and Plaza Singapura! Stocks are limited so head down to any of the stores to grab yours soon!

  • Colomba with fresh candied orange topped with icing and almonds, hand-wrapped
  • 1kg for $36
  • Colomba without raisins and candied fruits, topped with icing and powdered sugar, hand-wrapped
  • 1kg for $36


  • Mini Colomba with Sicilian chocolate drops topped with icing
  • Comes with a branded Dolce & Gabbana carrier bag as well
  • 100g for $38

And while we’re at it, what is Easter without CHOCOLATE? Go all out on this day with our chocolate-based gourmet drinks, available in Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules and solubles!

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