Say hello to our 4 new ground coffee arrivals!

Hey ground coffee users! Have you heard of our latest stock update? YES! As part of our largest stock-up in awhile, we’re pleased to announce 4 new additions to our ground coffee collection. This release includes 3 flavoured coffees (infused with delicious aromas) and 1 premium blend (for rich and intense coffee lovers)! You can now shop from 16 different ground coffee options available in our collection.

From as low as $11.90, our new grounds are available on our website and in-stores at Plaza Singapura and MyVillage @ Serangoon Gardens.

Shop our new ground coffees in-stock!

Caramel-flavoured coffee

Brew a fine cup of caramel-flavoured coffee with our carefully-selected blend of Arabica and Robusta. Roasted over beechwood to imbue the harmonious aroma of delightful caramel notes.

Available in-stock and in stores:

Arabica and Robusta Hazelnut blend

If you’re a fan of Nocciolino, our signature hazelnut-flavoured coffee, then our Nocciola in ground is the one! Composed of the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee. Nocciola is the epitome of a dessert-worthy drink which can be served at any time of the day. 

Available in-stock and in stores:

Intense, toasty and long-lasting

Also a premium blend, Monte Rosa in grounds is composed of Arabica from Columbia and selected Indonesian Robusta. It boasts a long-lasting taste and a caffeine intensity on the higher side, with a subtle taste of toasted nuts. Monte Rosa is an excellent choice to start the day with!

Available in-stock and in stores:

Arabica and Robusta creamy coffee

Made of the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, Panna is a cream-flavoured Espresso that has a smooth yet full flavour and delicate scent. Makes the perfect morning cuppa with a sweet velvety touch.

Available in-stock and in stores:

Enjoy quick and effortless brewing with our 101CAFFE' Moka Pots!

If you haven’t yet already, you should cart out our new grounds with our new 101CAFFe’ Moka Pots that are highly raved for its easy-to-clean body. We currently offer these black coffee moka pots, from as low as $39, in compatible options with stove tops and induction hobs. Extremely limited in stocks online and in stores so be sure to check them out!

Plaza Singapura
#B2-66 (in front of Cold Storage)
68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839
T: +65 8921 0311

MyVillage at Serangoon Garden – #01-07
1 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556679
T: + 65 6909 7709

Monday to Sunday | 11am-9pm

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