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Our signature spiced coffee, meet our 100% Arabica India Coffee!

Let our guide help you find the perfect coffee to respite to!

Hey coffee lovers! In continuation of our new Know-Your-Coffee guide series, we feature our 100% Arabica single-origin India Coffee for our earthy coffee lovers!

Do you like a full-bodied coffee that imbues earthy flavourful notes? Then we recommend you to go for our India coffee! This coffee, in particular, boasts a mild aroma with uniquely spicy notes that’ll perk you up throughout the day!

Love a cup of earthy spiced coffee?

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As we write this post on July 28th 2020, it’s currently in-stock on our website in packs of 12 Nespresso® capsules ($10.20), 250g ground ($17.90) and 500g beans ($29.90)! Alternatively, you can drop by any one of our 101CAFFE’ Singapore stores in MyVillage @ Serangoon Gardens and Plaza Singapura to grab our signature India coffees!

Wondering what makes up our 100% Arabica single-origin India Coffee? Let’s explore what this full-bodied coffee is composed of!

What's so unique about coffees from Asia?

If you appreciate flavourful earthy coffee, our India coffee is a recommended pick!

Coffees from Asia are most recognised for their earthy and nutty flavours they imbue. Just like our India coffee, coffees sourced from Asia tend to be full body. While Asian coffee varieties (mainly from India, Vietnam and Indonesia) generally have a heavy taste, it is not overpowering but rather flavourful!

Did you know? Our India coffee originates from Kerala, Southern India – where the best quality of monsooned coffee comes from! In fact, our monsooned India Coffee undergoes a carefully handled slow and light roasting process. This process, adopted by our Italian Master Roasters, helps give it its low acidity, decisive flavour and slightly spicy notes! 

How different are these 100% Arabica coffees from Robustas?

100% Arabica coffees are naturally lower-in-caffeine and more flavourful than their bitter Robusta counterparts!

Arabica coffees, just like our India Coffee, are grown at higher elevations in tropical or sub-tropical regions where climates are harsher. As such, their more refined taste and flavour is attributed to their slower growth in these conditions.

It’s good to note that Arabica coffees generally imbue chocolate or fruity notes. On the other hand, Robusta coffees are known to be bitter-tasting in nature. So look out for our 100% Arabica coffee line if you are into sweeter coffees!

What's the difference between light and dark roasted coffees?

Light roast coffees are generally less bitter than dark roasted coffees! They're also slightly earthy in flavour as compared to dark roasts!

And because they are not left on the roasting machine for too long, most of its moisture is retained thus, making the beans denser. As a result, this gives light roasted coffees its fruity and floral flavour. On the other hand, dark roasted beans stay on the roaster longer which brings out the oils and moisture in the beans out. Hence, dark roasted coffees usually gives off rich, caramel notes! 

Shop our 100% Arabica Single-Origin Coffees today!

If all that you have read fits the bill, we recommend you to shop away our 100% Arabica single-origin India Coffee! You can find them in packs of 12 Nespresso® capsules ($10.20), 250g ground ($17.90) and 500g beans ($29.90) in-stock on our website! At the same time, you can explore more of our 100% Arabica Single-Origin Coffees available in Nespresso® compatible capsules, beans and grounds.


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