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Choose your Coffee Series [100% Arabica Single-Origin India Coffee]

100% Arabica Single-Origin India Coffee 101CAFFE' Singapore

Our signature spiced coffee, meet our 100% Arabica India Coffee! Let our guide help you find the perfect coffee to respite to! Hey coffee lovers! In continuation of our new Know-Your-Coffee guide series, we feature our 100% Arabica single-origin India Coffee for our earthy coffee lovers! Do you like a full-bodied coffee that imbues earthy flavourful notes? […]

[GIVEAWAY] Vote for your favourite packaging! New Singapore Coffee Blend coming soon!

Vote and win our new upcoming Singapore Coffee Blend! Dear coffee lovers! We are extremely happy to break the long-awaited news! Our 101CAFFE’ team has been working hard behind-the-scenes to brew up our exclusive NEW Singapore Coffee Blend! This dark roasted blend is composed of 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta, and it’s a pleasantly strong […]

Choose your Coffee Series [100% Arabica Single-Origin Costa Rica Coffee]

100% Arabica Single-Origin Costa Rica Coffee 101CAFFE' Singapore

Find the perfect coffee for yourself, meet our 100% Arabica Costa Rica Coffee! A new series to help you find the perfect coffee! Hey coffee lovers! We are happy to introduce our new series to guide and help you find your true love! Today, we feature our 100% Arabica single-origin Costa Rica Coffee for our mild and mellow […]

How to make Italian Iced Shaken Coffee within minutes!

How to make Italian Iced Shaken Coffee! Make yourself some Italian Iced Shaken Coffee within minutes! Rain and shine, anyone would know how frustrating and unpredictable Singapore’s summer can be. While the weather can be erratic these days, a homey respite with a cold thirst-quenching brew is certainly not far from reach! Because you can […]

[CONTEST] Vote for your next 101CAFFE’ President!

Cast your vote for your 101CAFFE’ President! DRUMROLL PLEASE… Hooray coffee lovers! We present to you our 2 mighty candidates for this year’s 101CAFFE’ Singapore Presidential Election – Napoletano and Rubicone. Simply vote for your favourite coffee and if your chosen coffee candidate wins, you’ll get to enjoy a 20% e-voucher applicable to online orders […]