7g of coffee in a 44mm diameter filter pod

Easy Serving Espresso 44 pods (aka “Ese 44 pods”) are pre-dosed, pre-tamped coffee. Compressed in a 44mm diameter filter pod, you can find 7g of coffee in each pod (compared to capsules which contain between 5 and 7g of coffee). As a capsule, you just have to put it in your machine and then enjoy the amazing tastes that exalt the senses!

A wonderful gesture for the environment!

The amazing thing with Ese 44 pod is the fact that they are completely compostable. The paper in which our coffee is packed is biodegradable. It is an awesome way to drink a delicious coffee while taking care of the environment.

Wanna try?

We are selling 6 different ESE44 coffee pods at 50%OFF because they are expiring in less than 2 months. Our coffee pods are so good that they won’t sit in your cupboard for long! Help us fight against food waste!

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