Italy is arguably one of the most beautiful and memorable places you’d visit in your lifetime. However, to blend in well when you visit Italy, you have to drink their favorite beverage: coffee.
Coffee isn’t just a delicious hot beverage, it is also enjoyed as part of their rich cultural experience, and no other country in the world does coffee better than Italy. Rome is one of the best cities for coffee, although there are a plethora of other coffee hotspots all over Italy. Wherever you choose to enjoy your cuppa, make sure to pick a café with a great view.

A Sneak Peek at the Italian Coffee Culture

Italians’ first tip on the iconic Italian coffee culture is to NEVER ask for takeout coffee. To ask for a to-go coffee in Italy is apparently disrespect to their coffee culture. Locals in Italy enjoy their coffee while standing at the counter, since it costs less than sitting at a table; it is about a third or even half the price cheaper than drinking coffee while sitting at a table. Save some bucks and drink your coffee they way locals do.

Italians also share a preference of only drinking cappuccinos (milky coffee) in the mornings. It is because cappuccino goes well with Cornetto, or their version of French croissant. After that, it’s espresso for the rest of the day, and especially after eating. At the end of the evening, a lot of Italians enjoy a caffè corretto, which is espresso served with a shot of brandy or sambuca.

But What is Affogato?

An affogato is probably the world’s simplest and easiest (yet very indulgent) pick-me-up. A marriage between a hot drink and a creamy dessert, the affogato has of a scoop of gelato (ice cream) topped with a quarter cup (or more) of espresso. It’s basically gelato drowned in espresso and it will, I kid you not, change your life and the way you see coffee and desserts. Once you have indulged, you’ll be looking forward to when to have your next affogato.

Since this recipe only calls for two ingredients, make sure they are the highest quality! Choose a good ice cream with fresh ingredients and flecks of real vanilla. Espresso provides the majority of the strong decadent flavor in this recipe, and your coffee pods or Nescafe® Dolce Gusto® capsules make the best ever at the click of a button.

How to Make an Affogato

To make this indulgent dessert, you only need 2 ingredients and just about 2 minutes:

1. Drip two shots of espresso
2. Scoop a serving of vanilla ice cream into two cups.
3. Pour the hot espresso over the ice cream
4. Serve immediately

If you are making the affogato at the comfort of your home, chill the glass first. The aim is not to quickly melt the ice cream, but to pool the espresso underneath. Try it and you will agree that it is the perfect and easiest dinner party dessert that brings maximum satisfaction for just minimum efforts.

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