Dear coffee lover, At 101CAFFE’ Singapore, we love Christmas< and find it an ideal occasion to offer gifts to the ones we love. We are happy to offer youan exclusive 10% discount on your next order for Christmas. We hope you will enjoy drinking our coffee with all your family and friends! For those who need help, we have selected our favorite coffees for Christmas, we hope you will like our selection.

Our Tazzulela* will help you stay up all night for Christmas!

*available for all types of coffee machines

Our sweet chocolate drink Cioccolata* will be perfect for your children’s Christmas breakfast.

*available for Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto® and in soluble

Our Irish Coffee* is THE one for ending your Christmas eve feast!

*for Nespresso® users only

Last but not least our beloved Orzo* bio is an excellent alternative to coffee and will help you start this 2020 detox!

*for Nespresso® users only

Our coffees come from carefully selected independent Italian coffee artisans that are not part of the large-scale distribution chain.

With 101CAFFE’ you can drink affordable quality coffee that is made by small independent coffee roasters in Italy! Every cup of our espresso is like a trip to Italy, as we comb through the country in search of top-notch artisans who make coffee in the traditional Italian way.
Our capsules do not present any risk to your machine or its warranty.

We hope that our coffee selection will follow you during the festive season! All the 101CAFFE’ team wish you all the best during the holiday season and a Happy New Year.