Coffee lovers unite! Your cup of Joe is not only a cup of steaming hot beverage that gets you through the day. Coffee requires a marriage of art and science, and appreciating coffee takes more than just chugging it down as you struggle through the morning rush on your way to work.

Of course, we don’t always have the time to get to know our coffee, recognize its taste and aroma, and distinguish its aftertaste–the sensation it leaves a few moments after it has been swallowed. Lucky for us, there is a new growing trend that allows us to appreciate this liquid gold that the caffeine gods have blessed us with.

A coffee tasting party is the traditional wine tasting party’s perky cousin. Instead of letting guests sip wine and identify the notes and flavors of each variety they try, a coffee tasting party allows guests to sip different blends and roasts.

Coffee provides a full sensory experience from the moment you get a whiff of it up to the few moments after swallowing the last drop. This guide will help you throw a successful coffee tasting party for a good time with friends and loved ones as you celebrate the hard work coffee producers and roasters put behind each cup.

Pick Your Brews

First of all, you will need to select your brews. Three to four kinds of coffee would be a good number to start with. It still depends upon your preference, but experts suggest tasting no more than eight kinds of brews in one sitting. There are a variety of coffee beans online that you can choose from. In preparing your coffee, you can go with the method you are most accustomed to; you can grind the coffee beans or have your guests grind theirs so they can customize the coarseness according to their liking. If you would rather use a coffee capsule machine, though, you could order the best coffee capsules Singapore has to offer and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Prepare the Necessities

Make sure that you have a table long enough to accommodate several cups, carafes, machines, and other things that you need for your tasting party. Coffee sommeliers prefer Riedel glass, which is also widely used in wine tastings, as it is known to stimulate the senses. If you don’t have Riedel, however, choose glass over porcelain, since glass insulates better than the latter.

You would also need spoons. Silver spoons are recommended because this kind of metal doesn’t react and alter the taste of the coffee. Plus, it’s fancier!

It’s also great to have a little snack to share around after the tasting.

Perfect the Slurp!

Slurping is considered rude in many cultures, but it does not apply in a coffee tasting party. As a matter of fact, slurping is encouraged. By slurping, the coffee gets sprayed across the palate, allowing the subtle flavors and nuances to reach all the tasting zones of the tongue. This process is called retro-nasal olfaction. See? Science is also very much involved in your morning cup!

Analyze the Coffee

Guide your guests in analyzing each kind of coffee you have. The first phase in the coffee tasting process is visual analysis. Take a good look at the coffee and see if a layer of foam is formed on the surface of the coffee—crema is what that foam is called. A quality brew should always have a crema.

After visually analyzing your cup, olfactory analysis comes next. Stir your coffee and bring it close to your nose, then inhale. Get a feel of that brew’s aroma.

Lastly, the best part: tasting! Take note of the texture, body, and smoothness of the coffee. Likewise, try to point out the flavor and nuances each kind has.

Talk About It!

Ask your guests about their experience, which coffees they like and don’t like a lot, and what foods they would pair each coffee with. You need not be all strict about it, though. Have fun and start amazing conversations. At the end of the day, coffee tasting parties are all about opening up to new coffee flavors and experiences, and the pleasure it brings. It’s all about spending time with people who matter to you while enjoying the thing that you all love: coffee.

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