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Understanding Coffee Roasts – From Light Roast to Dark

Ever wandered down the coffee aisle at a local grocery store and came across a selection of different coffee types? You see Italian roast, French roast, espresso roast… But what do these coffee labels have to do with your coffee? How does it impact its taste? Importance of Coffee Roast Each coffee type tastes different […]

How to Throw a Coffee Tasting Party

Coffee lovers unite! Your cup of Joe is not only a cup of steaming hot beverage that gets you through the day. Coffee requires a marriage of art and science, and appreciating coffee takes more than just chugging it down as you struggle through the morning rush on your way to work. Of course, we […]

The Science Behind Your Morning Brew

morning cup of Arabica Italian coffee

We all know that glorious and wonderful feeling when the first sip of coffee in the morning hits our soul, and in the afternoon while we guzzle down our caffeine fix during breaks. That burst of perkiness and energy, though, that seems to splash on us after each gulp of this dark elixir is not […]

Do You Have the Java-Genes in You?

Do you find yourself reaching for another Nespresso Pod only moments after you have guzzled down your last cup? No, you’re probably not addicted, and you don’t need an intervention–not yet. As it turns out, the love of coffee might actually be encoded in your genes. Wait. What? Yes, you read that right. The same […]

Eco-friendly Coffee Habits to Practice

A cup of coffee is a great motivation to leave our beds in the morning, and a loyal companion during boring meetings or unbearable traffic jams. It has become the second most-traded commodity in the world (after oil), and one of the most consumed beverages in the world, so much so that some people could […]

Tips on Choosing the Coffee Beans That are Right For You

While it’s easy to choose your go-to drink in coffee shops, it’s a whole different ball game when you need to prepare a cup for yourself. There’s quite a few things to consider, from which coffee beans to buy up to what coffee machines to use. In this post, we will start with helping you […]